Most Visited Places in Assam


Assam is a very beautiful place with lots of national parks and other historic and ancient places. It has much scenic beauty with the largest river known as ‘The Brahmaputra’.It has many popular places to visit. Some of the most amazing and mesmerizing places for the tourist areas listed below


List of Best Place in Assam to Visit


It is the home to the largest population of one-horned rhinoceros on this planet. It has many flora and fauna in nature. Its total area is shared among Golaghat, Karbi Anglong, and Nagaon. From Guwahati, it takes approximately three hours to reach Kaziranga. That’s why it is the epitome of one of the most successful wildlife conservation in India. Along with the one-horned rhino, there are also many other animals like royal Bengal tigers, Asiatic elephants, wild water buffalo, leopards, etc. Many tourists whenever they come to visit Assam, the place of this national park is a must to visit place for them. It is also home to tigers in this place.


This is a very mesmerizing place to visit where there is a lush green environment with lots of scenic beauty. This is a very friendly, pristine and pollution-free fresh environment water Island in the river Brahmaputra which is just 20kms away from Jorhat. This is the world’s largest river in which is the most visited tourist places in India. It is also known as the cultural capital of India where the festivals are very vibrant and joyous. The most interesting and the main festival of Island is Raas.



It is the largest city in Assam situated in the Brahmaputra Valley. It was earlier known as Pragjyotishpur. The capital of this place is Dispur and is a very popular city in the city. Serviced by Lokpriya Gopinath International Airport and many other places to visit like Kamakhya Temple where Maa Kamakhya resides to bless all the devotees each day. Also, the Navagraha temple, Baishishtha temple, Kalakhetra temple are a must place to visit. There are also many beautiful surroundings like parks like Dighulipukhuri Park, zoo and many other parks are also a must to visit. So this is the most visited place in Assam.


It is the second largest town in Assam situated in the Barak Valley. It has many different yet interesting places to visit. It is the gateway to the neighboring areas of Mizoram and Manipur. Most of the residents here are Bengalis who speak mostly Sylheti and also belongs to the Sylhet district. It has its airport and other higher institute for higher education. So thus this is one of the most visited places in Assam.


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